Scheduling cache expiration for virtual and JavaScript data sources

You can use expiration schedules for virtual data sources and tables that they store on the Cache Settings page of virtual data source Properties window.

About this task

When the Use expiration schedules check box is clear the caching expiration mode equals Always Expired for a virtual data source. Records from the tables stored in this data source are updated each time on-demand.

To specify particular cache schedule for virtual data sources or their tables, complete the following procedure:


  1. From the Repositories or Repository Explorer view, right-click a virtual data source and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties for [data source] window, select Cache Settings.
  3. On the Cache Settings page, select the Use expiration schedules check box. The schedule expiration settings become available.
  4. From the Default expiration schedule list, select the schedule that you want to use as the default one for the whole data source.
    Note: A created data source has Always Expired default settings.
  5. To assign a particular cache expiration schedule to a particular table click the Schedule name column of the table the settings of which you want to modify and select the required scheduler from the list of available ones.
    Note: If tables contain any substitution variables, only Always Expired expiration schedule is applied to such tables.
  6. If you have any tables that require authorization for accessing them, you must specify the authorization settings for the data source. Click the Manage Authorization button.
    The Manage Authorization dialog opens.
  7. All the data sources that require authorization are listed there. This authorization data will be used for updating the cache. Click Login column for the required data source.
    The Edit Data Source Login dialog opens.
  8. Enter the proper values in the Login, Password, and Verify Password fields and click OK.
  9. When you finish specifying authorization data for all required data sources, click OK in the Manage Authorization dialog.
  10. Click Apply and then click OK to close the Properties for [data source] window.