Running the silent installation

To run a silent installation of QMF for Workstation, you distribute the response file among the user machines to that you want to install the application.

Before you begin

You must have the response file.

About this task

To run the silent installation :


  1. Optional: If you want the JDBC, repository storage, repository connection, and license information to be included in the user installation, copy the repositories connections file (repositories.xml), the JDBC driver file (.bi.jdbc.drivers), license file (*.lic), and storage file (.storage) from the application home directory to the directory where the installation executable is stored.
  2. To prepare for the silent mode, rename the response file to and place it in the same directory with setupwin32.exe or setupwin64.exe. Use the command line to pass the following arguments for the Windows OS:

    setupwin32.exe -i silent


    setupwin64.exe -i silent

    • -i silent: specifies that the installation software runs in silent mode.
    Note: If you want to use the response file that is stored in the directory that is different from the one where the installation executable is stored, specify the absolute path to the response file in the argument:

    setupwin32.exe -i silent -f C:\drive_path\


    setupwin64.exe -i silent -f C:\drive_path\


The installation is silent; the product directories are created without notification to the user.