Editing data source

You can edit related data sources information for already created quick report.

Before you begin

You must create a quick report.

About this task

To edit data source:


  1. With a quick report opened in the editor, select Report > Edit data source. The specified data source opens in a separate editor.
  2. Edit and save the data source. When you save the modified data source, its columns are compared with the columns of the report. If there is no full compliance, you must match the columns manually in the Edit Quick Report wizard.
  3. On the Columns page of the Edit Quick Report wizard, match the data source columns with the columns of the report. If there is no required match to a report column, select the Remove unmatched columns check box to proceed. All unmatched columns will be excluded from the report.
    Note: If it is impossible to match the report columns and data source columns, close the Edit Quick Report wizard and edit the data source. If you do not match the columns, data source will not be saved within the report.
  4. Click Finish to close the wizard and update the report.
    Note: All report columns remain their initial properties. If after editing the column output format does not match the column data type, the default format for this data type is used.