Creating column groups

To limit the data that is displayed in a quick report, you can organize the columns in mutually exclusive groups of columns.

Before you begin

You must open the Create New Quick Report wizard.

About this task

You can then toggle between the groups to display only those columns that are assigned to that group. Columns assigned to other groups are not displayed. Any columns not assigned to any group are always displayed in the quick report.

To create a column group:


  1. Open the Format page of the Create New Quick Report wizard.
  2. Expand Report Settings node and select Column Groups node from the tree.
  3. On the Column Groups page, click Add group. A new group is displayed in the Groups list.
  4. Add the required columns to the group by selecting them from the Columns list.
  5. Optional: To hide the columns already assigned to a group from the Columns list, clear the Show grouped columns check box.
  6. Optional: To change the order of the column groups, select a group and click Move Up or Move Down.
    Note: The first group in the list is displayed by default when you open the quick report.
  7. If you have specified all the required parameters for the quick report, click Finish to close the Create New Quick Report wizard and display the quick report on the Design page of the editor where you can manually customize the look of the report.

What to do next

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