Creating classic report forms

Classic reports are generated using query results as the data source and a form template. The form template, referred to as a "form", specifies how you want the query results formatted in the report.

About this task

Forms are considered objects and they can be saved in your repository, in the QMF catalog, or in a file. When you open a form object that has been saved, you are actually running the form object to generate the report. When opened, forms automatically use the currently active query results as the data source.

Alternatively, you can specify that a specific set of query results data always be used with a specific form to create a report. If you select this option, when the form object is opened a specific query object is run to obtain the requested query results and then those query results are formatted into a report using the form specifications.

You create and edit forms using the Design page of the Classic Report editor window. Reports are displayed in the Report page of the Classic Report editor window.