Working with Cloudant queries

In QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere® you can create Cloudant queries to retrieve data from Cloudant databases.

About this task

Cloudant query is an HTTP request (usually with some set of parameters) to a Cloudant database that is run against an index.

In QMF you can create the following types of Cloudant queries:
  • Queries that are based on a secondary or search index.

    Secondary index (or view) is the index that is defined by a JavaScript map function, which retrieves keys and values from the JSON documents based on the contents of each document, and an optional reduce function, which aggregates the data.

    Search index is the index that is defined by a JavaScript function, which determines the fields in JSON documents that can be queried.

  • Queries that include a selector object. These queries are called Cloudant native queries.

    Selector is a JSON structure that defines the list of fields and the corresponding values for the fields that you want to extract from JSON documents.