Publishing objects to QMF Vision

You can publish queries and tables to the QMF Vision Objects folder to work with them in QMF Vision.

About this task

The list of objects that you can publish to the QMF Vision Objects folder includes:
  • Visual queries
  • Analytical queries
  • Prompted queries
  • Dynamarts
  • Compound dynamarts
  • Tables
Note: You cannot import queries with prompts and substitution variables.

By publishing objects to QMF Vision, you save them to the QMF Vision Objects folder as links with data source information. This operation enables you to access the published objects from QMF Vision. While you perform the procedure, you must specify user information for objects that use data sources with login and password requirements to ensure the proper functioning of the published objects in QMF Vision. For more information about working with published objects in QMF Vision, see the Getting Started with QMF Vision manual.

To publish a query or table to QMF Vision:


  1. In the Repository Explorer or Workspaces view, right-click an object that you want to publish. To select several objects, use Ctrl or Shift keys.
  2. Select Publish to QMF Vision.
  3. Specify a destination folder in one of the following ways:
    • Select the default QMF Vision Objects folder.
    • Create a subfolder in QMF Vision Objects:
      1. Click New Folder.

      2. Specify the name of the folder.

      3. To specify a different parent folder, you can choose a subfolder in QMF Vision Objects by clicking Browse.

      4. Specify a comment that you can view in the properties of the subfolder.

      5. Click Finish.

    • Select one of the subfolders in QMF Vision Objects.
  4. If you publish a single object, you can specify a new name.
  5. For objects with data sources that require login and password information, click Next. In the table, specify user credentials for each data source.
  6. Click Finish.