Setting output preferences

You can use the Output page of the Preferences window to activate the Output view that tracks the information about errors, queries, procedures, and connections in QMF.

About this task

The information from the Output view can be useful for debugging. It can be delivered as a report in the Output view and automatically added to the log file.

To specify the output file preferences for the QMF session:


  1. Select View > Preferences. The Preferences window opens. Select Output from the tree.
  2. On the Output page, you can specify the following options:
    Show errors
    This option displays all error texts in the Output view.
    Show query text
    This option displays all texts of the run queries in the Output view.
    Show procedure text
    This option displays all texts of the run procedures in the Output view.
    Show connection status
    This option displays the statuses of connections to data sources in the Output view.
    Show debug messages for JavaScript features
    This option displays debug messages for all JavaScript features: JavaScript procedures, JavaScript modules, and JavaScript tables.
    Automatically activate Output view
    When an error occurs or a message appears, this option automatically opens the Output view.
  3. Click Apply to save your preferences choices.
  4. Click Restore Defaults to restore the default preference values.
  5. Click Apply and Close to close the Preferences window.