About drill-down paths

A drill-down path is an interactive series of charts that allows you to display several levels of details of a given query.

Drill-down paths allow you to drill down into several different views of query results. Each level of detail is represented by a different display mode, and each display mode chart can be fully customized. The data that is passed from one level of detail to another is driven by user interaction with the data points of the display mode charts. The movement of data from one level to another is called an analysis path.

For example, you create a column chart that displays the sum of the salaries of employees in each department of a company. The column chart displays a different column for each department. Next, you create a pie chart that displays the sum of the salaries of all of the employees of a specific department, divided up by job type. The pie chart displays a different pie wedge for each job type. The analysis path passes data from the specified department column to the next chart. Now, when you click a specific column of the first chart, the specified department is displayed in the pie chart. You can go back to the original column chart and click a different department's column. The pie chart now displays the new department's data points. You can create any number of analysis paths to provide more specific views of the query data.