Specifying X-Axis chart format options

X-Axis chart format options control how the x-axis of the chart is displayed.

About this task

To specify X-Axis chart format options:


  1. On the Format page of the New Chart wizard, expand the Axes node, and select X-Axis in the tree.
    The X-Axis options are displayed.
  2. To display the x-axis of the chart, select the Visible check box.
  3. To display the title of the x-axis, select the Visible check box next to the Title field.
  4. Specify the title of the x-axis in the Title field.
  5. Specify the font of the title in the Font field.
  6. Specify the color of the x-axis in the Color field.
  7. Select the position of the x-axis from the Origin list.
    Valid options are:
    • Max - The x-axis is located above the maximum value of the y-axis.
    • Min - The x-axis is located below the minimum value of the y-axis.
    • Value - The x-axis is flush against the bottom of the client area of the chart.
  8. To display the values of the x-axis according to the category axis, select the Is category axis check box.
    When this check box is selected, data points are displayed evenly along the x-axis, with every major tick mark representing the next data point down the line. When this check box is cleared, data points are displayed unevenly along the x-axis, with major tick marks placed at regular intervals.