Inserting a matrix

Matrices display data in a two-dimensional array of cells.

About this task

To insert a matrix:


  1. Double-click the created object and add any controls (for example, labels) with the necessary values to display them in the [object_name].
  2. In the All Data Sources tree, navigate to the table or query that will be run to obtain the layout object's query result set and click Next.
    The Specify matrix options page opens.
  3. Specify the width of each cell in the Cell width field.
  4. Specify the Height of each cell in the Cell height field.
  5. Specify the gutter width (space between cells horizontally) in the Gutter width field.
  6. Specify the gutter height (space between cells vertically) in the Gutter height field.
  7. Specify the number of columns that will be displayed in the matrix in the Number of columns field.
  8. Select the Display cell border check box to display a border around each cell in the matrix.
  9. Click Finish.
    The Matrix Wizard closes and the matrix is displayed in the editor window.