Inserting a connector object

A connector is a graphic object, such as a straight or curved line, that provides a visual link between data points in a layout object or between graphic objects on a report page or dashboard scene.

About this task

To insert a connector into a visual project:


  1. In the editor window, select the visual report page or visual dashboard scene to which you want to add the object. If the page or scene is not open in the editor, then double-click the page or scene in the Project Explorer. If you are inserting a connector into a layout, select the Layout and the Level from the Project Explorer.
  2. From the Palette view, select the connector object and insert it in the editor window.
  3. From the Properties view, modify the properties to draw your line as you want.
  4. Click Runtime or Preview to view the results.
    • To force all connection lines to connect at a single specified point, insert a Connection Point and position it as you want.
    • Hierarchy layouts and chart layouts with line connectors contain implicit connection points. No Connection Point object appears in the Project Explorer when these Layouts are created. However, there is a Connection Point property defined for it.
    • The organization chart object uses a connection point to override the point-to-point links by making all data points connect to a single parent data point.


Suppose you want to create a decision tree using circles to represent decisions and multiple lines to link decisions to multiple choices. You might create an organization chart and then replace the boxes in the chart with circles. To create the straight lines between the circles, you could delete the elbow connector and then insert a straight connector.