Adding a Show message event action

Use the Show message event action to display a message, save the user response, and use it in other actions.

About this task

To add a Show message event action to an object:


  1. Select the object in the editor window and double-click the event that you want to trigger the jump from the Events view.
    The [objectname] Behavior dialog opens.
  2. Click the Add New Action icon.
    The Add New Action dialog opens.
  3. Select Show message in the actions tree and click Next.
    Note: To quickly find the required event action, type the name of the action in the filter text field.
    The Show message action parameters page opens.
  4. Type the text of the message that you want to issue in The text of message field.
  5. Specify where the message is issued by using the Display type radio buttons. Select Message box to display the message in a standard message box. Select Output view to display the message in the Output view of QMF for Workstation.
  6. Select the severity level of the message from the Logging level list.
  7. If you want to specify extra message box parameters, click Next, otherwise go to the step 10.
  8. In the Message Box area, specify the following parameters:
    1. In the Title field, enter the title that you want to use for the message box. Double-click the field to open the Expression Designer.
    2. From the Buttons list, select the button combinations that you want to add to the message box. The indexes of the selected buttons can be saved to parameters.
      Tip: The indexes of the buttons begin with 1.
      Tip: If a user closes the message box, the index of the last button is received.
    3. From the Icon list, select the icon that you want to be added to the message box.
  9. If you want to save the button index of the button that is clicked by a user, perform the following steps:
    1. To save the index to the existing parameter, in the Result Options area, select the Save result to parameter check box
    2. From the Result parameter list, select the parameter that you want to use.
    3. To add a parameter, click Add New Parameter button.
  10. Click Finish. The Show message action is added. The Add New Action dialog closes.
  11. From the [objectname] Behavior dialog, click Apply to apply all actions that was added for the event.
  12. Click OK to close the [objectname] Behavior dialog.


If you creates a message with the Yes/No/Cancel combination of buttons, the following indexes can be received:
Table 1. Buttons and their indexes.
Clicked Button Received Index
Yes 1
No 2
Cancel 3
A user closes the message box 3