Adding an Open URL event action

Use the Open URL event action to allow users to open hyperlinks from visual dashboards.

About this task

For example, you can use label with incorporated Open URL event action, by clicking on which users can go to the company's website. You can also use calculated expressions to create dynamic links that are formed on the basis of user's actions and the context in which they are used.

To incorporate an Open URL event action in an object:


  1. From the Visual Designer perspective, select the object in the editor window and double-click the event that you want to trigger the Open URL action.
  2. In the [objectname] Behavior window, click the Add New Action.
  3. Select Open URL in the actions tree and click Next.
    Note: To quickly find the required event action, type the name of the action in the filter text field.
  4. In the URL parameters area, specify whether to open the link in a new window or in a new tab.
    Note: The Target parameter is actual only for QMF for WebSphere®.
  5. In the URL field, specify the link or calculated expression. To open the Expression Designer window, double-click in the URL field.
    Note: You can specify either an absolute or relative URL. The relative URL starts with a slash (/) and contains the part of a link that succeeds the base URL. In this case, the absolute URL will be formed by concatenating the base URL (http://host:port/application_path) and relative URL.
  6. Click Finish.
    The Print URL action is added to the list of actions and the Add New Action window closes.
  7. In the [objectname] Behavior window, click Apply to apply all actions that have been added for the event.
  8. Click OK to close the [objectname] Behavior window.