QMF for WebSphere system requirements

Before installing QMF for WebSphere, ensure that your environment meets the following minimum requirements.

Hardware requirements

  • Hardware configuration that supports IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty or later or Apache Tomcat 8.5 or 9.
  • Minimum of 500 MB disk space.
  • Minimum of 4 GB of RAM on each server in which it is installed and an additional 50 MB of RAM for each concurrent user.

Software requirements

QMF for WebSphere has the following software requirements:

  • One of the following application servers:
    • IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty or later.
    • Apache Tomcat 8.5.x or 9.0.
  • One of the following Web browsers (with JavaScript support enabled) on each client:
    • Google Chrome Version 96.0.4664.45 or later
    • Mozilla Firefox Version 94.0.2 or later
    • Microsoft Edge Version 96.0.1054.43 or later

Database servers

QMF for WebSphere supports the following database servers:

  • IBM Db2 LUW1
  • IBM Cloudant
  • IBM BigSQL
  • MongoDB
    Note: Support for MongoDB is limited to read access. You will be able to fetch the data and read it. You will not be able to write to the database or create repository storage.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • IBM Netezza
  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL
  • Teradata
  • Hive
    Note: Hive does not support the update and deletion of rows.
  • Spark
    Note: Spark does not support the update and deletion of rows.
  • Athena
  • RedShift
  • Snowflake
  • DVM virtual data sources

1 BLU Acceleration is not supported.


The following QMF for WebSphere functions have software dependencies:
  • Database connectivity requires an appropriate JDBC driver for each type of RDBMS that is accessed.
  • Connection to the Db2 data sources requires the JDBC driver (db2jcc4.jar) version 4.31.10 or later, which supports Java 11.
  • Exporting result sets to Excel requires a minimum level of Excel 2010.

    If you are running a pre-2003 version of Excel, the Export to Excel feature is not supported.

  • QMF for WebSphere requires JRE V11 to access QMF Data Service data sources.