Creating a new data template

You can use the Insert Data template command to add a new data template to a layout object.

About this task

When you add a new data template to a layout object you have to add the graphic objects that will be used to display the data in that layer.

To add a new data template to a layout object:


  1. In the Project Explorer view, right-click the layout object folder to which you want to add the data template. Select New > Data Template from the pop-up menu. The Data Template wizard opens.
  2. From the Data Template wizard select a query that will be used to obtain the data for this data template. The queries that are listed in the Data Template wizard are the ones that you have added to your Queries folder.
  3. After a data template is added to the layout, you can modify the objects and their properties as you require. Select the data template folder that you added. A new canvas for the data template is opened in the editor window.
  4. Click Runtime in the editor to view the results