Filtering query results by using the Dynamart Filter wizard

You can use the Dynamart Filter Wizard to create filters that control the contents of the query result set.

About this task

Filters allow you to restrict the returned rows and values of a query result set to your specifications. Any filter can contain any number of expressions that give you complete control over the content of the grid. To filter query results.


  1. Open the query result set that you want to filter in the Results editor.
  2. Select Results > Filter Results.
    The Dynamart Filter Wizard opens.
  3. Select the Enable filtering check box.
    From here, you can choose to build your filter one of three ways: use a table of options to assist you in building your filter, use the expression designer to build a free style filter, or use an embedded prompt hierarchy.
  4. Select a filter building method and click Next.
    The next page of the wizard depends on your previous selection.
  5. Build your filter using the table of options or the expression designer and click Finish.
    The Dynamart Filter Wizard closes and the filters that you specified are applied to the query results.