Specifying LDAP Main fields

You must specify the LDAP Main fields if you have selected LDAP security for the database repository.

Use this field to specify the IP address of the LDAP server.
Use this field to specify the contact port that is used by your LDAP server. For example, the LDAP protocol specifies the use of TCP/IP port number 389 for LDAP. However, this value can vary based on what has been specified in your environment.
To use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to communicate with the LDAP server, select the Use SSL check box and specify the appropriate SSL port number in the Port field.
Note: The LDAP server that you use must be configured to use SSL.
Auth type
Use this field to specify what type of LDAP authentication should occur for this repository. Select None to allow a user to authenticate to an LDAP server as an anonymous user. Select Simple to require that a user authenticates to the LDAP server with a distinguished name (DN) and a password.
User DN
Use this field to specify the user-distinguished name that can be used to access your LDAP directory. This field is available only if your LDAP directory requires authentication in order to access, and you specified Simple in the Auth Type field.
Use this field to specify the password that is associated with the user's distinguished name that you specified in the User DN field.
Base DN
Use this field to specify (or select from the drop-down list) the distinguished name or names that will lead to the entry in the LDAP directory under which all users and groups will be retrieved. A distinguished name is a unique name for an entry in your LDAP directory. For example: ou=people, o=eastcoast.
Account required
Select this check box to specify that a master account can be used to edit the LDAP repository settings.
Specifies the login that will be used as the master account.
Specifies the password that will be used for the master account.