Editing environment connection settings

You can edit connection settings and add data sources to an environment by using the Edit Environment dialog.

About this task

To edit the connection settings from an existing environment:


  1. From the Repositories view, expand the Environments folder, right-click the environment that you want to edit and select Edit.
    The Edit Environment window opens.
  2. Use the check box to select the data sources that you want to include in the environment from the Environments Contents table.
    Clear items use original data source definitions (as defined in the default environment).
  3. Select the connection string you want to specify and click Test Connection.
    The Log on to Data Source window opens. The Connection Settings wizard opens.
  4. Specify a user name in the User name field and a password in the Password field and click OK.
    The system displays The connection to the data source was established.
  5. To change the connection string of the data source, select the connection string that you want to edit and click the ellipsis (...).
    The Connection Settings wizard opens.
  6. Either specify a new JDBC URL in the JDBC URL field or use the Build JDBC URL field to build the JDBC URL.
  7. Click Advanced to specify additional JDBC settings.
    The Advanced JDBC Settings wizard opens.
  8. Enter any required driver-specific connection string keywords for this data source and click OK.
    Note: For more information on any keywords that can be required or supported by the selected driver, consult the driver's documentation.
  9. Click OK.
    The Connection Settings window closes and control returns to the Edit Environment window.
  10. Click OK.
    The Edit Environment window closes and the changes to the environment are saved.