Working with the Events view

Events are actions that are built into visual dashboards by designers. These actions provide the dashboard with all the necessary navigation and interactive functionality. The Events view displays these events.

The Events view consists of two panes.

The upper pane displays the events tree and the filter text field that you can use to quickly find the required event. The events tree contains all events that are available for the object that you select in a visual project. Each object has a default event that is displayed in the first root node of the tree. All other events that you can assign to the selected object are grouped by categories and displayed under the appropriate nodes of the tree.

The lower pane of the Events view includes the list of event actions defined for the selected event and instruments for their editing.

To open the Events view, perform the following steps:
  1. From the main menu, select Window > Show View > Other and expand Visual Designer Category.
  2. Select Events from the list of options and click OK.

When assigning an event to an object, designers can specify additional actions to be triggered when the event occurs. See the Setting up event action navigation topic for information about how to assign events to objects and how to specify the actions that are triggered when the event occurs.

For information about how to assign events and event actions to visual dashboards, see the Assigning events and setting up event actions topic.