Personalizing preferences for individual users or groups

QMF for TSO and CICS® allows you to create QMF profiles for individual users or groups of users.

The QMF profile settings specify preferences for the following QMF functions:
  • The case in which input is passed to QMF
  • Punctuation format for numeric data on reports
  • Whether you want confirmation panels to appear to users before database changes are made
  • Which query interface will be used by default
  • Printer parameters, such as location and size of output
  • The default table space or dbspace that will store the results of QMF SAVE DATA commands
  • Tracing options that allow you to choose the functions that you want to trace and the level of detail at which you want to trace them

Users can update some fields of their profiles on their own by issuing the SHOW PROFILE command and typing over the values in the profile fields. Other fields, such as those that record which definitions to use for commands and function keys, are protected and can only be updated with an SQL UPDATE statement on the QMF control table that stores profile information.