Wiring objects on the Canvas in HTML5

Use the object Wiring Mode to connect objects on the Canvas in HTML5.

About this task

Wiring objects defines the relationship and dependencies between objects. For example, you can link the DEMO.EMPLOYEE table with a combo box that contains the list of all position titles from that table. When you connect the two objects, the table only displays the employees who occupy the position, that is selected in the combo box.

To wire objects in HTML5, do the following actions:


  1. Click Expand button to expand the Canvas toolbar.
  2. Click Create Wiring of the first object and drag the wiring line to the second object.
    Note: The Create Wiring buttons of objects that can be wired are highlighted in green. Any data-driven object that supports wiring can be the source object and the target object at the same time.

    The Create Link window opens.

  3. In the window, specify the source object column and the target object column.

    If the queries already contain specified output and input columns, these columns are displayed and automatically selected. Otherwise, all the columns from the result set are displayed. For more information about input and output columns, see the Managing input and output columns for the visual query topic.

  4. Click Add.
  5. Optional: Click Toggle Wiring Lines on the Canvas toolbar to display or hide the wiring lines between the objects on the Canvas.


You connected the objects.