Quick reports

Quick reports in QMF for Workstation provide users with a way to create, customize, and generate reports expediently and extemporaneously.

You can use the Create New Quick Report wizard to define the report "break" sections and determine the columns over which data will be reported. For example, you can report sales by region, followed by country within each region. In the Create New Quick Report wizard, you can also define the aggregation function applied to each column value (ascending, descending, count, maximum, minimum, sum, average, and so on). You can also define the formatting (text, alignment, font, background color, and so on) of both the detail and summary rows of the report.

After generating a quick report, users can apply updates to the original object (if permission is granted) or save the changed report under a new name. If you choose the latter, the object is still linked to the original query or queries and automatically reflects any changes that are made to the originals.