Analytical functions

Report formatting and presentation alone mean nothing unless you are able to extract meaningful insight from your data. The analysis capabilities in QMF for Workstation go beyond traditional reporting to help you truly gain the insight that you need to drive your organization forward.

A repertoire of over 140 built-in functions allows you to tailor reports and dashboards at an extremely detailed level. Types of built-in functions supported include:
Arithmetic functions
Calculate values based on the specified function
Color functions
Help you customize visual presentation of reports and dashboard objects
Conversion functions
Convert the parameter value from its current data type to another data type
Data formatting functions
Reformat data values to and from database and operating system formats
Date and time functions
Return specific elements of date and time values
Hierarchical functions
Identify a parameter value's position in hierarchical representations such as organization charts
Information functions
Return information on specified data objects
Logical functions
Return values based on logical operations performed on parameter values
Math and trigonometric functions
Calculate values based on the specified mathematical function
Measured functions
Express a given value as a specified unit of measure
Security function
Specifies the name of the security list that will be used to tailor visual report or visual dashboard content based on the security level of the user
Spatial functions
Used when mapping spatial data
Statistical functions
Used to perform standard statistical analysis on supplied parameter values
Text functions
Format and manipulate textual data or return specific information on supplied data sources