Standard keyboard equivalents in QMF for Workstation

Keyboard equivalents use keyboard keys to perform mouse actions instead of using a mouse.

The keyboard is the most frequently used alternative for performing mouse functions. QMF supports the standard keyboard equivalents that include:
  • Shortcut, or accelerator keys, to perform the most frequently used functions in pull-down menus without going to the menu. For example:
    • Ctrl+S to save
    • Ctrl+P to print
    • Ctrl+R to run a query

    Shortcuts display in the pull-down menu next to its function.

  • Mnemonics, or access keys, are available to perform each function on a menu or window. A mnemonic for a function is the underlined character in the function name. For example:
    • Press F to open the File menu
    • Press O to open the Open window

    Use ALT to activate the mnemonic and move the keyboard focus.

For more information, refer to the documentation for your operating system for a complete list of standard keyboard equivalents.