QMF for Windows settings

QMF for Windows settings can be imported to QMF for Workstation.

The following table lists the QMF for Windows settings that you can import by using the Import QMF for Windows Configuration Settings wizard.

Table 1. The settings that you can import from QMF for Windows
Setting Description To view in QMF for Windows To view in QMF for Workstation
Favorites The contents of the Favorites folder Open Database Explorer tree Open Personal view
Recently used objects The list of recently used objects Open Database Explorer tree Open Personal view and Repository Explorer view
Global variables The list of global variables Select View >Global Variables Select View > Preferences > Global variables
Saved join definitions The list of joins that are added automatically on the basis of information about the tables that you have ever joined in Prompted or Query Builder editors.    
Export preferences

The settings for exporting query result and export report type to a file or database.

Select Results > Save to File or Results > Save to Database Select File > Export
LOB options LOB object settings Select View > Options > LOBs Select View > Preferences > LOBs
Grid options The default font properties, formatting options, cell colors and other grid settings Select Results > Font and Results > Format. Select Results > Font and Results > Format
Page setup settings The page settings that are used for printing Select File > Page Setup Select File > Page Setup
User interface settings The user interface settings such as language, default font and null values display options Select View > Options > General and View > Options > Appearance Select View > Preferences > General and View > Preferences > Appearance
Command bar history The history of commands entered in command bar    
Server - related settings User authentication information and search filter settings
Note: Availability depends on the Import the content of the last used server definition file option.