RDBI.TABLE_VIEW2_X constructs a list of tables. First, it checks for tables listed in the base table SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH. All tables in SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH have, by definition, already had some type of authority granted to at least one user.

SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH must answer "Yes" to one of the following questions:
  1. Is the GRANTEE = the current user?
  2. Is the GRANTEE = the current SQLID?
  3. Is the GRANTEE = PUBLIC?
  4. Is the GRANTEE = PUBLIC*?
  5. Is the GRANTEE = a secondary authorization ID of the current USER having the same catalog_ID?
  6. Is the user a SYSADM having the same catalog_ID?
The table must have one of the following GRANTEE types:
  • ' '
  • U
  • G
The GRANTEE of the table must have Y or G authority on one of the following four categories: