Rules for the VERB column

Ensure that entries in the VERB column of the synonyms table are valid.

Entries in the VERB column of the synonyms table must follow these rules:
  • Are 1 to 18 characters long
  • Do not contain blanks
  • Do not include the verb QMF (other base QMF commands are allowed)
  • Have an alphabetic or national character as the first character

    In English, national characters are #, @, and $.

Characters after the first letter can be alphabetic, national characters, decimal digits, or the underscore. No other characters are allowed.

The following examples demonstrate these rules. QMF ignores rows that have invalid entries in the VERB column.

Table 1. Examples of valid and invalid verbs for command synonyms
Valid verbs Invalid verbs
COMPUTE DO SALES (Blanks not allowed unless surrounded by double quotation marks)
DISPLAY ADJ%AGE (% not allowed)
PRINT PRINT_PRODUCTIVITY_TOTALS (more than 18 characters)