The global variable list

One way to display, change, add, or delete global variables is to use the SHOW GLOBALS command.

When you enter SHOW GLOBALS on the QMF command line, QMF displays a global variable list panel similar to the one shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. The GLOBALS panel
 Type a value for a global variable and press Enter or press a function
 key.  Variable values may be changed if they are enclosed in parentheses
 or brackets.
 Variable Name:     Value:
 ------------------ ------------------------------------------------------
                                                            1  to 11 of 97
 DXYEPRST_01        ( GLOBAL                                             )
 EMPLOYEE_NAME      ( SANDERS                                            )
 MAXIMUM_SALARY     ( 18999                                              )
 MINIMUM_SALARY     ( 17000                                              )
 TABLE_NAME         ( Q.STAFF                                            )
 DSQAO_BATCH          1
 1=Help         2=            3=End       4=            5=Show Field   6=Query
 7=Backward     8=Forward     9=Form     10=Add        11=Delete      12=Report

The global variable list panel uses one row on the screen for each global variable. The variable name appears on the left, and up to the first 50 characters of the variable value appear on the right. Variable values that you can change appear within parentheses. Otherwise, the value is read-only. Variables that you or an administrator defined and session variables appear in alphabetical order first. Then, predefined QMF variables, which start with DSQ, follow in alphabetical order.

Global variables added on the GLOBALS panel can have a length of up to 32,768 characters. Variable values that are longer than a single line are indicated by a greater-than (>) sign to the right of the value.