Testing interactive operation under TSO

To test interactive operation of QMF under TSO, complete these steps.

Before you begin

If you have not done so already, start QMF.


  1. Display the QMF installation verification procedure for TSO by issuing the following command: DISPLAY PROC Q.DSQ1EIVP.
    This procedure was imported and saved in the database in the process explained in Installing sample queries and procedures required for the installation verification procedures. Comments at the beginning of the procedure describe what the procedure tests.
  2. On the PROC panel, customize the procedure if necessary.
    QMF1310 is the prefix for the QMF Version 13.1 data sets. If you used a different prefix, change QMF1310 throughout DSQ1EIVP to the site-specific prefix that you have chosen.

    If you change the procedure, issue the following command to save it: SAVE PROC AS Q.DSQ1EIVP (SHARE=YES.

  3. Run the procedure by issuing the following command: RUN PROC.
    Enter a value of 1 in response to each prompt.


When the IVP completes successfully, the following message is displayed: The QMF IVP procedure has successfully completed.

Exit the QMF session by issuing the EXIT command.

What to do next

If the IVP does not complete successfully, review the output from the QMF installation jobs that you ran to ensure that all jobs completed successfully. You can also use the QMF messages and message help panels (which are displayed when you press the Help key) to diagnose and correct the problem.