File system customization for QMF Analytics for TSO

QMF Analytics for TSO uses zSeries file system (zFS) to store a user's work files. You must provide the space for work files for each user in the zFS directory.

QMF Analytics for TSO and work files

QMF Analytics for TSO uses work files to manipulate your data while producing charts and statistical analyses. It is important to keep the work files for each user separate to avoid users displaying another each other’s data.

The default location for ZFS work file usage is determined by the ':asfiles.ZFS' configuration entry in the hlq.SDYQCFG(DYQCFG) configuration file.

QMF Analytics for TSO keeps user's work files separate by storing its work files in a directory named /QAT/ in the user’s home directory on the file system (zFS or HFS file).

You can use this default configuration as long as each user on the system has been set up with a unique home directory. However, if your environment is configured so that users share a common home directory, or if you simply do not want to use the location as specified in the default configuration, you set the directory location into which QMF Analytics for TSO will store its work files. To do this, you edit the :asfiles entry in the QMF Analytics for TSO Configuration file (DYQCFG).
Important: The :asfiles. entry is the only line in the QMF Analytics for TSO configuration file that should ever be altered. Altering any other lines or altering the :asfiles. entry other than in accordance with these instructions will result in QMF Analytics for TSO not functioning correctly.

When shipped, the default setting for :asfiles. entry is :asfiles.ZFS. As mentioned, using this setting results in QMF Analytics for TSO storing its work files in [home directory]/QAT/.

If you want QMF Analytics for TSO work files to be placed in a different location, edit the :asfiles.ZFS setting as follows:
  • Keep the setting as :asfiles.ZFS to have work files stored in [user’s_home_directory]/QAT/.
  • Specify :asfiles.ZFS root (no leading /) to have work files stored in [user’s_home_directory]/root/QAT/.
  • Specify :asfiles.ZFS /root (leading /) to have work files stored in [file_system_root]/root/QAT /.

Note that root and /root are limited to 227 characters in length and may include many levels of subdirectory. A trailing slash / is optional and QMF Analytics for TSO will assume one if there is none.

To introduce uniqueness into the path name when using /root or when each user’s home directory is not unique, you can use &SYSUID. within the path name. When QMF Analytics for TSO interprets this, it replaces &SYSUID. with the current user’s user ID in lower case.

The following example shows how one might customize :asfiles.ZFS.
Note: QMF Analytics for TSO also supports hierarchical file system (HFS). If you are using HFS, the same exact setup steps for :asfiles apply.
* QAT Configuration Entry for use with zFS/HFS           * 
:nick.QAT      :type.ENV 
               :asfiles.ZFS products/workfiles/&SYSUID./QMF
With this setting, work files for users 'Alan' and ‘FINANCE’ are stored as follows:
  • For Alan:


  • For FINANCE:


If the path had been specified with a leading / (i.e.:asfiles.ZFS /products/), the /products/ directory would be placed in the file system root directory rather than the user’s home directory.