Allocating necessary files and resources

You can provide new QMF users with a TSO logon procedure that is called when the user logs on. This cataloged procedure calls the Terminal Monitor Program (TMP).

The TMP is the principal interface between the user and the display device during a TSO session. If your site uses its own TMP rather than the procedure supplied by IBM®, some of the information in this topic might not apply.

You can develop CLISTs or execs that users run to start QMF. Within these CLISTs or execs, you can allocate many of the required data sets through TSO ALLOCATION statements. You can also use TSO FREE statements in a CLIST or exec to deallocate data sets after the QMF session terminates.

To create a TSO exec to start QMF, you must ensure that the program load libraries, modules, and data sets are available to QMF, and that GDDM and Db2® requirements are met.