Problems starting QMF

Use a troubleshooting process for problems starting QMF to determine the cause of the problem and to find a resolution.

If you cannot start QMF, troubleshoot the problem in the following way:
  • Determine whether the problem with starting QMF applies to all users or just a certain individual or group.
  • Check whether there are any messages on the display screen, and look up the explanation for the message you see in the trace data in .
  • If nothing appears on the screen and nothing is in the trace data, go into ISQL and issue a SELECT * FROM Q.ERROR_LOG statement and check whether any entries appear during the time you were trying to access QMF.
  • QMF initializes Db2® and GDDM during QMF initialization. If any DSN (Db2) and ADM (GDDM) error messages appear, look them up in the messages and codes information for the appropriate product.

    Check that the Db2 database is initialized and working properly. If all users are getting a type of ADMxxxx message when trying to start QMF, check that the base GDDM product is working correctly by running the GDDM IVPs.

  • Check that the QMF initialization process is accessing load modules for the current release. Initialization problems can result if QMF is being initialized with modules from one or more prior releases. See Problems that can occur when QMF is not using current load modules for more information.