Determining which QMF function issued an error message

You can use the QMF message number to determine which QMF component issued the message. By knowing the component, you can isolate the problem to a specific function.

The QMF functions and their associated ranges of message numbers are shown in the following table. The trace IDs are the same IDs that you use to trace QMF activity for each function.

In addition to the message numbers in this table, the following ranges of message numbers might be generated during QMF initialization:

DSQI0001 - DSQI0100
DSQ90000 - DSQ99999

Table 1. QMF functions and the message numbers they issue
Function Trace ID Message numbers
Database services I DSQ10000 - DSQ19999, DSQ30000 - DSQ39999
Dialog command processing D DSQ20000 - DSQ29999
Display services E DSQ40000 - DSQ49999
Common services and systems interface C DSQ50000 - DSQ59999
Report formatting F DSQ60000 - DSQ69999
Charting P DSQ70000 - DSQ79999
Full-screen windows G DSQ80000 - DSQ89999