Adding or deleting lines in an SQL query

To add or delete lines in an SQL statement, use the Insert or Delete function keys.


Choose one of the following options, depending on whether you want to add or delete lines from an SQL query:

  • To add new lines to an SQL query:
    1. If you did not save the query in the database, display the query again by entering SHOW QUERY on the QMF command line. You can also display the query by pressing the Query function key. If you saved the query in the database, enter DISPLAY QUERY queryname.
    2. Move the cursor above the place where you want to add information.
    3. Press the Insert function key. QMF displays a blank line.
    4. Type the information on the blank line.
      For this example, add a condition to select only employees from Department 38:
        FROM Q.STAFF
        WHERE DEPT=38
  • To delete a line, move the cursor to the line you want to delete, and press the Delete function key.