Setting global variables with the DSQUOPTS routine

The settings in the DSQUOPTS exit routine override the values of certain global variables when QMF starts. You can modify the default DSQUOPTS routine to suit your needs.

About this task

The default version of DSQUOPTS is shipped in the QMF1310.SDSQLOAD data set.


To modify the DSQUOPTS exit routine, follow these steps:

  1. Change the Assembler source as necessary. The source for the exit resides in QMF1310.SDSQUSRE(DSQUOPTS). For details on how to specify override values, see the DSQUOPTS prolog.
  2. Assemble and link-edit the module. A sample job that assembles and link-edits DSQUOPTS resides in member QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1UOPT).
  3. Allocate the QMF exit library in the initialization procedure you are using so that the modified exit is referenced during the QMF initialization process.


When you use the sample job to assemble and link-edit the DSQUOPTS exit routine, the modified DSQUOPTS load module is placed in the default QMF exit library, QMF1310.SDSQEXIT.