Creating a new multidimensional data source

You must add configuration information to your repositories for all multidimensional data sources.

About this task

Multidimensional data sources are accessed using XMLA. Multidimensional data is organized by one or more dimensions. Multidimensional data structures are often referred to as cubes. Queries for multidimensional data sources accessed using XMLA are written in MDX.

To configure multidimensional data source information in a repository:


  1. Open the New Multidimensional Data Source wizard in one of the following ways:
    • Right-click the Multidimensional Data Sources node in the Repositories view. Select New. Select Multidimensional Data Source from the pop-up menu. The New Multidimensional Data Source wizard opens.
    • From the File menu, select New. Select Other from the pop-up menu. The New window opens. Expand the Repository folder. Select Multidimensional Data Source. The Create New Multidimensional Data Source wizard opens.
  2. On the page of availability type selection, select Personal or Shared. Click Next.
    Note: For more information about types of data source availability, see Data sources.
  3. In the Data Source Name field, type a name that will be used to identify the data source in the repository. This can be any name.
  4. QMF will use XML for Analysis (XMLA) via HTTP protocol to connect to a multidimensional data source. You specify the URL that will point to the data source in the HTTP URL field.
  5. Select User ID and password are required to require the use of a user ID and password when accessing this multidimensional data source. If the data source allows access without a user ID and password, selecting this option will override that allowance, and a user ID and password will be required to access the data source.
  6. Specify the user ID and password that will be used to access the data source in the User name and Password fields. To test the connection, click the Test Connection button.
  7. Select the multidimensional data source that you want to add to the repository from the Data Source list box. All the data sources that are located at the specified URL address are listed in the Data Source list box. You can refresh the list using the refresh button.
  8. Optional: Type a comment that describes the data source in the Description field. This comment will display with the properties for the data source.
  9. Click Finish. The multidimensional data source is listed in the Repositories view under the Multidimensional Data Sources node. You would repeat this process for all multidimensional data sources that you want to be accessible from the repository.


Note: Support for resource limits or login mapping is not available for multidimensional data sources.