Administering virtual data sources

Use the Security tab of the virtual data source editor to set user roles and permissions for your virtual data source that is stored in a secured repository.

About this task

Complete the following steps to administer your virtual data source:


  1. To apply user permissions to a table or a column, expand Tables in the Tables pane and select the table that you want to administer.
  2. See the list of users and user groups in the Groups or users names pane.
    1. To filter the list, select or clear the Show users and Show groups check boxes.
    2. To edit the permissions of each user or user group, select it and drag it to the Permissions pane.
  3. Edit the permissions that are currently authorized for each owner in the Permissions pane. For more information about the permissions, see Assigning users and groups permission to use repository objects.
  4. Apply user permissions to specific table rows in the Row level security conditions pane.
    1. To apply user permissions on a row level, select the user that you want to grant permissions to in the Permissions pane.
    2. In the Row level security conditions pane, select the Override parent’s conditions check box.
    3. In the editor area, type the column name, the values of which you want to use as a filter, and type the condition. For example, if you work with the Q.STAFF table and only want to display managers to a particular user, type Job='MGR'.
    Note: The Row level security conditions pane is only available for virtual tables based on relational tables.
  5. Click Apply to save the settings.