Deleting QMF sample tables

This procedure drops all the QMF sample tables from the server.


  1. Edit QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1EDX2).
  2. Change ssid to the 4-character name of the Db2® for z/OS® requester and change location to the name of the server database.
  3. Review the comments in the job to determine if you need to customize any other values.
  4. Submit job QMF1310.SDSQSAPE(DSQ1EDX2).
  5. Check the DSQCDROP job step for a return code of 0 or 4. Review SYSTERM for completion messages.

    If the return code is not 0 or 4, examine SYSTSPRT and SYSPRINT for error messages. Correct any errors and rerun the job.