Initiating a QMF batch job in the foreground on ISPF or TSO

To start QMF in batch mode in the foreground, you can use any of the usual methods to start QMF.

For example, from TSO READY mode, you can issue the following statement to start QMF from a CLIST:


In this statement, clist_name is the name of the CLIST that starts QMF. This CLIST must contain a statement of the following form:


Here, the ISPSTART statement runs in the foreground, not in the background. You cannot do other things with TSO while waiting for the CLIST to end.

When the CLIST ends, you are back in TSO READY mode. Before the CLIST ends, you might see a display of the ISPF Disposition Prompt panel if your procedure terminates before you specify permanent disposition parameters for the TSO console, log, and list files. To avoid displaying this panel, specify permanent disposition parameters for these files. A value of D (specifying delete) for each is probably adequate. If you do not know how to specify these dispositions, ask an ISPF expert or use ISPF help.