Passing resource control information to the governor exit

QMF passes resource control information using two control blocks named DXEGOVA and DXEXCBA. Their addresses are passed to the governor on every function call.

Before you begin, you should know how to define your own resource limits in a format that the governor can use.

The DSECT DXEXCBA (shipped as DXEXCBA) and the DSECT DXEGOVA (shipped as DXEGOVA) are located in QMF1310.SDSQUSRE. Include these DSECTs in your program using the Assembler COPY statement.

Three new fields have been added to the DXEXCBA control block in QMF Version 13.1 to provide governing of SQL queries that are larger than 32 KB: XCBQRYPT, XCBQRYP2, and XCBQRYL2. If you modified the default governor exit routine in an earlier release or wrote your own exit, some migration steps are required to be compatible with this release and to take advantage of this feature.