Correcting errors on a form before displaying a report

You can use the CHECK command to check for errors on a form panel before you run the report.


To check a form panel:

  1. Display the form panel you want to check for errors. You can display any form panel for a particular form. QMF checks for errors on that panel and all the other panels for that form as well.
    QMF checks for two types of errors:
    • Errors, which you must correct before you display the report
    • Warnings, which you do not have to correct (however, uncorrected warning conditions can cause unexpected results when you display the report)
  2. On a form panel, press the Check function key.

    You can also enter CHECK on the QMF command line.

    If QMF finds an error on a panel, it displays that panel with the field that caused the error highlighted. The message on the message line describes the error.

  3. Correct the error.

    Press the Help function key to see more information about the error and instructions to correct it.

  4. Press the Check function key or enter CHECK to see any remaining errors.

What to do next

After you correct any errors, QMF displays any warning conditions when you issue the CHECK command. The steps for correcting warning conditions are the same as for correcting errors.