Calculating values to use in a report

You can specify calculations in a form that are similar to the calculations that are performed in a query.

QMF evaluates calculations in a form by using the REXX programming language. Calculations can take advantage of all the built-in REXX functions as well as REXX execs that you write. However, calculations in a form can affect performance.

The values in your reports can come from the following:

  • Data that you import or have stored in the database
  • Calculations that are performed in a query
  • Calculations that are performed within a QMF form

You can create calculations to use in a report in one of the following ways:

  • Define an expression that calculates a value.
  • Create a REXX program to return a value.

Your site might not support the use of calculations and REXX functions. Check with your administrator before you try to use calculations in a report.

Restriction: You cannot calculate values to use in a report in CICS®.