Sharing QMF objects with other users

You can enable other QMF users to access QMF objects that you own.

You can enable access to QMF queries, forms, and procedures by using the SHARE parameter of the QMF SAVE command. In QMF Analytics for TSO, you can enable access to your chart or statistics specifications by using the SHARE option that is available through the Save function key. Charts and statistics specifications are saved as analytics objects. All QMF folder objects contain information about the actual QMF object (query, procedure, form, or analytics object); the actual QMF object identifies the owner and the SHARE option for that object.

Encourage users to use standard names and to provide comments that describe for other users the purpose of queries, forms, procedures, tables, and analytics objects. Tables and views require more maintenance and administration, so consider establishing special guidelines for creating these objects.

Specify SHARE=YES when you save an object to allow any other user to display the query and use it in a QMF command that does not replace or erase it. For example, the following command saves the current query as ORDER_QUERY and allows any other user to display and run it:

Figure 1. Sharing a QMF object

Note that to save an ANALYTIC object, you must use the Save function key in QMF Analytics for TSO.

The default is defined by the global variable DSQEC_SHARE.

The owner of an object can change its shared status at any time by using a DISPLAY command followed by a SAVE command, as shown here:

Figure 2. Changing the shared status of a QMF object