Canceling a running query

You can cancel a query by interrupting the RUN QUERY command. Queries might also be canceled by the QMF governor.

About this task

In addition to your canceling a query yourself, your site might have a governor interrupt routine. The interrupt routine can attempt to cancel a query that takes a long time to run or tries to retrieve too many rows.

If a QMF governor prompt panel similar to the one in the following figure displays while you are trying to run a query, follow the instructions on the panel to cancel the query or continue. If you continue, the QMF governor can still cancel your command.

Figure 1. The QMF governor prompt panel
DSQnnnnn QMF governor prompt:
         Command has executed for xxxxxxxxx minutes
         and fetched yyyyyyyy rows of data.
==> To continue QMF command
          press the ENTER key.
==> To cancel QMF command
          type CANCEL and then press the ENTER key.
==> To turn off prompting
          type NONPROMPT then press the ENTER key.


To cancel a query by using the QMF command interrupt, follow these steps:

  1. While the Database Status panel displays, press the PA1 key if you are using CICS® and the ATTN key if you are using TSO. (If you are using a terminal emulator to simulate the 3270 environment, right-click on the session you want to cancel, which displays a menu of key names.)

    The following message displays:

    DSQ50465 QMF command interrupted!  Clear screen and press ENTER.
  2. Press the Clear function key.
  3. Press Enter.

    The QMF Command Interrupt panel displays, as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 2. The QMF Command Interrupt panel
    DSQ50547 QMF command interrupted!    Do one of the following:
    ==> To continue QMF command,     type  CONT
    ==> To cancel QMF command,       type  CANCEL
    ==> To enter QMF debug,          type  DEBUG
  4. On the QMF command line, enter CANCEL.
    QMF cancels the query.