Uninstalling QMF for Workstation

To uninstall QMF for Workstation use the add or remove program facility of your operating system .

If you do not plan on reinstalling QMF for Workstation, you must delete all repository storage before you uninstall the product. To delete repository storage using QMF for Workstation Administrator, right-click the repository storage in the Repositories view and select Delete Repository Storage from the pop-up menu.
Note: You should only delete repository storage if you no longer want to retain the QMF objects that are stored in the repository storage.
The following table lists ways to uninstall QMF for Workstation.
Table 1. Methods for uninstalling QMF for Workstation
Method Procedure
Run the uninstaller manually

Go to the uninstaller and run it.

The uninstaller is located in the folder of the directory in which you installed QMF for Workstation.

Uninstall from the Start menu

Available for Windows installation only

If you chose to add the program icon to the Start menu when you installed QMF for Workstation, you can run the uninstaller from the Start menu. For example, on a Windows operating system select Start > QMF > Uninstall.

Uninstall from the Control Panel

Available only for Windows installation only

Use the Control Panel function to uninstall QMF for Workstation.