Required authorities for installing QMF

Ensure that you have the necessary authorities for the databases in which you will be installing QMF.

The following authorities are required:
  • Installations on Db2® for z/OS® databases require SYSADM authority.

    If your site uses security access control external to Db2 such as RACF, reference installation option EXTSEC in the installation defaults exec QMF1310.SDSQEXCE(DSQ1DEFS). Proper setting of the EXTSEC variable will eliminate SQL GRANT statements from being issued during the installation process. Additionally, the default view job will be created without reference to SYSIBM.SYSTABAUTH.

  • Installations on Db2 for Linux®, UNIX, or Windows databases require SYSADM authority.
  • Installations on iSeries databases require *ALLOBJ authority.
  • Installations on VM or VSE databases require DBA authority.
Regardless of the user ID that is used to install QMF, the following resources are owned by the Q authorization ID:
  • All QMF control tables
  • Sample procedures and queries
  • Sample tables
  • Default views for the database object list