QMF objects

QMF stores information as QMF objects.

Some objects, such as queries, forms, procedures, and QMF Analytics for TSO objects, are stored in the database. Other objects, such as reports and form-based charts, exist only in temporary storage while you work on them.

The types of QMF objects are shown in the following table.

Table 1. QMF object names and descriptions. QMF stores information as objects.
Object name Contains
QUERY Specifications for retrieving or manipulating data in the database
ANALYTIC Specifications for charts and statistics created using QMF Analytics for TSO
DATA Data you select using a query or data you import from outside QMF

The DATA object can be formatted using QMF forms to produce a report. To see the retrieved data that is currently in temporary storage, issue the command SHOW REPORT or DISPLAY REPORT.

REPORT The DATA object as formatted by the form currently in the FORM temporary storage area (or a form you specify when you run your query)
FORM Report formatting specifications for the data you select
CHART Graphic display of formatted report data
PROC A series of QMF commands that you can issue with a single RUN command; PROC is the abbreviation for PROCEDURE in QMF
FOLDER A container to group references to QMF queries, procedures, forms, and analytic objects.
PROFILE Specifications for your QMF user session

Each QMF object in the database has an owner, who is usually the person who saved the object in the database. You cannot use an object unless you own it, the owner has authorized you to use it, or you are a QMF administrator. A QMF administrator can use any object that is owned by anyone.