Creating file-based repository connections

If you are using QMF for Workstation, you can create a file repository connection to set up the information that will enable you to connect to a file-based repository that is stored on a local or network drive.

About this task

File connections can only be created for legacy, file-based repositories. The later versions of QMF for Workstation and QMF for WebSphere® have replaced file-based repositories with personal repositories.

To complete the creation of a file-based repository connection:


  1. Open the second page of the Create New Repository Connection wizard.
  2. Specify a name for the repository connection in the Connection name field. This name will be used to identify the connection as it appears in the Repository Connections view. You can enter any name but it is recommended that the name identifies the repository for which this connection information applies.
  3. Select the Connect immediately check box to connect to the file-based repository immediately. If this box is clear, the connection information will be created, saved and displayed in the Repository Connections view, but you will not be immediately connected to the repository.
  4. Click Finish.

    The repository connection that you have just created will appear in the Repository Connections view. If you have QMF Registry configured for your QMF client, select Local from the Server list in the Repository Connections view.

    If you selected the Connect immediately check box, you are connected to this repository. This repository connection information is entered in the connections settings file.