Accessing your data

To get information from a database, you write a query, which is a request to the database to retrieve a specific set of data.

You can use QMF to send your request for information to the database in three different ways. Each of the three ways has its own rules:

Prompted Query
Prompted query is an easy-to-use query method that displays prompt panels to help you choose the specific information you are looking for. You do not need to know the syntax for your database request; Prompted Query does the work for you by converting your request into a language the database can understand. This method is especially suited for beginners and occasional QMF users.
SQL (Structured Query Language)
SQL is a powerful query language that lets you define, retrieve, change, and authorize access to data. It has a specific syntax you must follow so the database can process your request. It is especially suited for users who must work with large amounts of data or those who work with QMF frequently.
QBE (Query-by-Example)
QBE is a graphical query method that lets you retrieve and change data with just a few keystrokes.